​Bioinformatics Engineer

Job description

Bioinformatics is hard - trying to master two disciplines is tough, especially when one of them is biology. And it’s even harder to do biology when you can’t get in the lab and do your own experiments. 


At Synthace we’re changing that with Antha, a language for biological research which lets you do real experiments by writing code. Sounds pretty awesome, right? You know what’s more awesome? You can join us in making it even better!


We are looking for an experienced and highly collaborative bioinformatics engineer to develop bioinformatics capabilities within Antha. This exciting role will bring you right to the heart of our highly dynamic interdisciplinary technical team where you’ll be working with expert lab scientists, and software engineers making the dream of fully software-driven experimentation a reality.



The core responsibility of the role will be bioinformatics application and platform development, primarily in golang. The successful applicant will be expected to design and implement new bioinformatics capabilities in the Antha language in collaboration with a diverse team of biological scientists and software engineers.


Other important areas of responsibility will include


  • developing bespoke informatics workflows for clients and internal users
  • advising on experimental design and data analysis
  • developing device models and new capabilities of the Antha language
  • collaborating with lab scientists to develop executable lab protocols


Our ideal candidate will have:

  • Industry experience working in bioinformatics or related areas (2+ years)
  • Experience developing bioinformatics applications in at least two programming languages including one compiled, typed language such as Go(Golang), Java, C/C++
  • A good knowledge of standard software development tools and methods e.g. version control, test driven development, CI pipelines etc.
  • Experience collaborating with laboratory scientists in an informatics capacity
  • A broad knowledge of bioinformatics data and software e.g. BLAST, sequence databases, sequencing technologies and analysis methods.      
  • Education to postgraduate level (ideally MSc / MRes), including higher education in both biological and computational subjects
  • Expertise in data analysis using an appropriate system such as R, PANDAS/numpy/scipy, SAS/JMP


We are potentially interested in anyone who meets most of the above requirements, so if you’re not sure please get in touch!


As Synthace we aim to foster a culture of respectful, efficient collaboration and high personal effectiveness and we will be looking for candidates to demonstrate these qualities.