Senior Frontend Developer

Job description

Senior Frontend Developer

We’re looking for a solid front-end developer who can bounce between architectural decisions, build script optimization, browser performance tuning, and deep-in-the-weeds debugging. Oh, also… like… #innovation! And #fast-paced! And #cutting #edge! And #industry-leading! Or whatever other buzzwords are required in putting together a job spec. You get the idea.

The Job

We’ve got a complex legacy codebase that is in desperate need of modernization. If you’re excited by the idea of transforming that into a healthy, as-good-as-JS-is-right-now application, hit us up. The work is in the biotech space -- building the tools that research scientists use to solve problems like… well… cancer. It’s legit tech. We’re hiring right now for a small number of people who will help create the house we all have to live in. It’s “what do we need now and a year from now” sort of thinking. The commits will be many. The impact will be great.


Stuff that’s really important

You must be damn good at JavaScript. Like good enough not to saw your own arms off with it. If you don’t know your from your for...of, this isn’t the role for you. If object decomposition sounds like something to do with Elton John’s “The Circle of Life,” this isn’t the role for you. If, on the other hand, you’re excited by the idea of figuring out where the ECMAScript Spec stops and where the wild west begins, let’s talk.

You must be able to work with a big, hairy, nasty legacy codebase and not burn the house down. We’ve got a complex system here. If you charge in with Sublime text and a devil may care attitude, we’re all probably going to die. On the other hand, if you think about making big changes by taking little steps, we should talk. If the words “incremental refactor” makes you nod solemnly, you might be our huckleberry.

You must not be afraid of backend code. If your idea of ‘fullstack’ is when you also have to run Node on the server, this might not be the role for you. We need someone who can think about architectural changes not just from their JS but from the full request cycle. Does that server API suck? Let’s fix it. Should we pre-compute that on the server? Dope. Let’s do it. If you’re scared of “backend” code, give us a pass. On the other hand, if you’re excited by getting to think holistically about building quality software, without arbitrary distinction between teams, we’d love to chat.

You must know React, like, well. We’ve got a complex application. We automate laboratories. We visualize complex things like multivariate experiments. We’re doing legit “hard” frontend tech. React is our future and we need people who think in it. Who can decompose a problem into logic, data fetches and UI components.

You must be cool with strict typing and writing testable UIs. Did we mention we’re automating laboratories? If we ship bugs, we can cost people, like, millions in damaged equipment or wasted materials. The struggle is real. Because of this, we’re going all-in on typed JavaScript and automated testing. When your software decides whether or not someone’s DNA gets correctly modified to become a with life-saving solution, you make sure you get it right.

Stuff that would be kick ass

If you’ve done big refactors before and understand the technical, mental, and emotional journey that they take you on. We’ve got a veteran team and we’re hoping to keep the bar high.

If you’ve got the equivalent of a CS degree or an actual CS degree, that’d be cool. We care much more about your ability to deliver good work, so industry experience and open source contributions totally count. Still, if you don’t know your O(n * log(n)) from your O(n!), we’re probably not a match.

If you’ve shipped complex front-end-heavy applications in the past. We’re the team building tools that will be used by many developers. We need people who know the common pitfalls and who can think both as a user and as an API consumer.